Scientific Databases

Most of the databases listed here and their contents have been licensed by the IPU. In order to gain access, please use your IPU login data. This means that this resource is only available within the IPU Network. Some databases are supplied within the context of National Licenses, from which scientifically interested people can also benefit. In the case that access is not available through a university system or scientific library, individual persons with a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany can personally register for cost-free access for this purpose.

Further scientific databases, some of which are freely accessible on the internet, can be found through Datenbank-Infosystem (DBIS).


APA-Datenbanken (through EBSCO Host)
Here you have access to four different APA (American Psychological Association) databases through the EBSCOhost search interface. Various forms of media are collected there, such as journal articles, segments of anthologies, books, university publications, audiovisual media, and tests. You can find bibliographical details, abstracts, or full texts from the field of psychology and related disciplines.

Through PEP-WEB, you can search through the "PEP ARCHIVE of psychoanalytic literature" as well as the current contents of the PEP periodicals.

OLC-SSG Psychology
The OLC-SSG Psychology database is a specialized excerpt from the Swets Database online content, which continuously supplements the current Special Collection Library for Psychology through selected Journals from the Saarland University and State Library. At the moment, 874 journals published as far back as 1993 are being retrospectively reviewed. With these, the database contains 1,023,000 articles and reviews from the field of psychology and adjacent disciplines, such as pedagogy. Updates occur weekly.

PubPsych is a search platform for international psychology publications, which merges several international databases. It is comprised of nearly a million records.

PsyDok is the Open-Access-Document-Server for psychology.

Psychiatry legacy collection
A collection of five journal archives from the field of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychosomatics from the American Psychiatric Association Publishing up to the year 2006.

Informa Healthcare Digital Archive 1896-2009
This journal archive contains 153 medical and pharmaceutical journals from the renowned Marcel Dekker, Taylor & Francis, Routledge, CRC Press, Gordon & Breach, Swets & Zeitlinger and Ashley publishing houses.

American Physiological Society – APS Journal Legacy Content
The archive of this renowned journal contains 12 titles from vol.1 to the year 1997.

Thieme Journal Archive 1980-2007
Electronic access to the full text archive of selected journals from the fields of medicine, chemistry, and biology from the Thieme publishing house. The resource from 2007 has full-text archives until the year 2006 containing 8 titles and will be expanded to 36 titles including those from 2007 in Spring 2008.

BMJ Journals
This resource includes access to 29 journals from the British Medical Journals Publishing Group, partly with a high impact factor from the field of medicine - among others, the renowned “British Medical Journal”. The years before 2006 are actually not part of the license, but due to the current open access policy of the publisher are freely available (where applicable, after free registration).

German-Language Women's Literature from the 18th and 19th Century
This 2-part collection contains over 220,000 pages from 848 digital monographs written by female authors of the 19th century. The digital monographs were compiled from books originating from the Corvey Royal Library that were originally publicized in the times of Classicism, Romanticism, Young Germany, and pre-March era as well as afterwards. The eBooks contain digitally enhanced facsimiles of the historical pages with links to relevant passages in the works. This collection of digital monographs contains mainly short stories, but also drama, travel literature, children’s books, biographies, and memoirs.

African Writers Series
This issue is based on the “Heinemann’s African Writers Series”, a comprehensive collection of modern African literature from the 20th century. The series, which contains over 330 titles overall, is comprised of poetry, drama, and nonfiction from authors such as Ama Ata Aidoo, Mongo Beti, Steve Biko, Dennis Brutus, Cyprian Ekwensi, Buchi Emecheta, Bessie Head, Luis Bernardo Honwana, Chenjerai Hove, Nelson Mandela, Jack Mapanje and Veronique Tadjo.

CSA Socio-Scientific Database 1915-2012
References and abstracts for articles from scientific journals and series, conference proceedings, books and book chapters, reviews and research reports in the social sciences, among others. Apart from sociology and related areas, political science, administrative studies, economics, as well as social services and social work are also covered.

Social Theory
Full-Text database for sociological theory from the beginnings of sociology in the 19th century until the 21st century. The international and interdisciplinary text collection of contemporary and classical theories of society contains writings from Max Weber, Karl Marx, Jürgen Habermas, Robert Merton, George Herbert Mead, Auguste Comte, Jean Baudrillard, Michel Foucault, Saul Howard Becker, Herbert Spencer, Antonio Gramsci, Alexis de Tocqueville, Harriet Martineau, Talcott Parsons, Émile Durkheim, Georg Simmel, Simone de Beauvoir, Pierre Bourdieu, and Theodor W. Adorno, among others. The texts are often reproduced in the original language and in English translation.

Springer Online Journal Archives
The archive contains full texts from over 1,050 journals from the Springer publishing house (including Kluwer), for the most part, from volume 1 until the year 2002.

British periodicals
The database British Periodical contains full texts from 472 popular science, arts, and literary British journals from the 17th through 20th centuries. This selection is comprised of the most significant titles from the collections of over 100 libraries worldwide, some of which are very difficult to access otherwise.

Science Direct
Science Direct is a full-text database with contributions from more than 2,500 journals and nearly 20,000 books.

Sage Journals
Over 600 electronic journals from Sage Publications from a broad range of subjects are offered here.

Walter de Gruyter Online
On offer are the electronically accessible backfiles from the Walter de Gruyter publishing company. This resource is comprised of circa 150 titles and covers a broad spectrum of subjects. It is worth noting that not all titles have been available since 1998. The archive extends up to the current year, and this moving wall is pushed one year further each year.

Wiley Online Library
This resource is made up of around 250 titles in 30 backfile collections from the Wiley-Blackwell publisher in the fields of medicine, psychology, pharmaceutics, and biology, among others.

Taylor & Francis Online Archives 1799 – 2000
The Taylor & Francis Online Archive is making the electronic archive of the Taylor & Francis Group (incl. Brunner-Routledge, Carfax, CRC Press, Marcel Dekker Inc, Parthenon Publishing, Psychology Press, Routledge, Spoon Press, Swets and Zeitlinger Publisher, Taylor and Francis, Triangle Journals) more and more readily available. The Archive consists of over 370 journals from the following archive packets (approx. 6.4 million pages, which are currently available through Taylor & Francis: Behavioral Sciences Online Archive; Business, Management & Economics Online Archive; Chemistry & Materials Science Online Archive; Education Online Archive; Engineering, Computing & Technology Online Archive; Geography, Planning, Urban & Environment; Mathematics & Statistics Online Archive; Physics Online Archive.

Annual Review Collection
Annual Reviews exclusively publishes yearly anthologies with critical, scientific essays, which represent the status of research in particular fields. The Editorial Board consists of accredited scientists from Stanford, the University of California, Princeton, and Harvard. The archive is added to yearly with content from the most recent publishing year, so that there are no gaps between the backfiles and the current licenses.

Oxford Journals Collection
The Oxford Journals Collection belongs to the Oxford University Press, the world’s largest university publisher, and includes titles from the following subdomains: -Humanities – Science – Medicine – Law – Social Sciences

Nature Archives 1869 – 2009
The archive contains the full texts from the high-ranking, weekly, multidisciplinary journal Nature from the years 1869-2009. Next to Science, the publication Nature is one of the most renowned journals of natural science worldwide. The archive also houses the associated monthly Nature journals from the fields: Nature Research Journals, Nature Reviews Journals (Life Science), and Nature Clinical Reviews Journals, as well as Nature Protocols.