Accompanied Study Trips Abroad

Since 2013, the IPU Berlin has participated in the DAAD programme PROMOS. In addition to study and practical-training related stays by students, this programme also supports study trips by groups of students who are accompanied by professors. It is not possible for students to apply for study trips. Such applications have to be submitted by professors. The students then apply to the professors who are accompanying the trip.

Which services?

With PROMOS accompanied study trips of up to 12 days can be supported. The support consists solely of a flat-rate amount per participant and per day. This amounts to €30 for the EU Member States, as well as for Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, and to €45 for all other countries.

In addition to conveying subject-related knowledge and providing insights into the country and culture of the host country, the main focus of such study trips is on meeting and getting together with students and scientists. Trips with a mainly tourist-based programme, as well as trips for conference and talks are not supported (note: Please note the support options for doctorate students in the DAAD programme for trips to conferences and talks). It is permitted to participate in several study trips within a phase of education up to a maximum support period of six months in total.

Which documents have to be submitted?

  • The invitation from the host university
  • The planned programme
  • An overview with details of the students participating, including information about the number of semesters and the university degree or qualification
  • Brief letter by the accompanying professor with details of the purpose and aim of the trip

Selection procedure

The International Office accepts the applications and assesses the applicants' eligibility for support on the basis of formal aspects and factors. In the event that more applications are received for accompanied study trips than the support options available, a commission appointed by the university management meets and then undertakes a selection.

Visa fees and insurance coverage

Any potential visa costs, as well as the costs for accident, health and third-party liability insurance coverage are not covered by the support. Nevertheless, insurance coverage must be verified before commencing the trip.