Experiencing Identity in Times of Corona

Since 03/2020 – Lead: Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühn, Prof. Dr. Phil Langer
Research assistant: Dr. Sebastian Bobeth

Project Description

The research project "Experiencing Identity in Times of Corona" is a joint multinational interview project led by IPU Berlin professors Dr. Thomas Kühn, chair of Work and Organizational Psychology, and Dr. Phil Langer, chair of Psychoanalytic Social Psychology and Social Psychiatry. Further partners are the Brazilian doctoral candidates Daniela Alcoforado and Miriam Farias from the Federal University of Pernambuco. The aim is to investigate experiences in Germany, Austria, and Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as its perceived effects on, for example, personal emotions and social relationships, as well as political and social issues.

In order to investigate these aspects, a series of semi-structured interviews was conducted with people from the general population (up to four interviews per interviewee between spring and autumn 2020, partly expanded with follow-up interviews), resulting in approximately 50 interviews from Germany, 107 from Austria, and 53 from Brazil.

The data will be analyzed with qualitative data analysis methods. Students from the IPU Berlin and the University of Vienna (via Prof. Langer) are assisting the project team by conducting interviews and analyzing data. Furthermore, during data analysis, Prof. Gavin Sullivan (Chair of Social Psychology, IPU Berlin) is cooperating with the research team as well.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühn (Project lead),
Prof. Dr. Phil Langer (Project lead),
Dr. Sebastian Bobeth (Project staff)