Erich Fromm-Lecture 2022 with Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Wirth


Feelings Make Politics
Populism, Pandemic, War and the Chance of Vulnerability

Hans-Jürgen Wirth, Prof. Dr., Dipl.-Psych., is a psychological psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, and psychoanalytic couple and family therapist in private practice. He is Professor of Sociology and Psychoanalytic Social Psychology at the University of Frankfurt am Main, founder of the Psychosozial-Verlag and co-editor of the journals psychosozial and Psychoanalytic Family Therapy. Selected book publications: Narcissism and Power (English Ed. 2009); Grenzerfahrungen. Migration, Flucht, Vertreibung und die deutschen Verhältnisse [Border Experiences: Migration, Flight, Displacement, and the German Conditions] (ed. with R. Haubl 2019); Gefühle machen Politik. Populismus, Ressentiments und die Chancen der Verletzlichkeit [Feelings make politics: Populism, Resentment, and Chances of Vulnerability] (2022). 


Hosted by the Erich Fromm Study Center at IPU Berlin 


When and where?

Wednesday, 30. November 2022, 19:00 (c.t.)

Stromstr. 2 (Lecture Hall 1)
10555 Berlin