Due to the increased risk of Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection, we would like to inform you of the following

In-person classes have been suspended for all study courses, and will instead take place online for the entirety of the Summer semester. The Winter semester 2020-2021 will begin in October but the start of lectures is postponed to 2 November 2020 for all full-time courses.

IPU is orienting itself according to the recommendations and ordinances from the Berlin Health Department and Berlin Chancellery (further information). All public events at the IPU will not take place until further notice. All events and advanced training programs until July 20, 2020 (inclusive) cannot not take place and must be postponed. Further information regarding the time afterwards will follow in due time. In the case of cancellations by IPU, already-paid fees will be completely refunded. As a precaution, it is advisable to seek out travel and hotel arrangements with short-notice cancellation policies when planning for events.

Find current information about IPU Library here.

The Outpatient Clinic is available on for therapeutic care on an individual basis, especially for crisis interventions. For the most part, therapy will take place over video conference or telephone.

At this time, no in-person office hours are being provided. The Student Office's availability has been reduced to limited communication by telephone. If your situation is urgent, please request a telephone appointment by sending us an email

Effects on Study Costs

The current Coronavirus crisis is affecting study programs in ways that we as the university executive board are as of yet unable to fully assess, and over which we have only limited influence. It is possible that these interruptions will cause some of you to exceed the expected duration of your study programs. Normally this would result in financial consequences in the form of extended study fees.

The University Executive Board has therefore decided to collect tuition for the Summer 2020 semester in accordance with established contracts. In the event of necessary extended study, the first six months will be permitted at the university's expense or without the requirement of mandatory extension fees. This applies to all students who are enrolled for the whole Summer 2020 semester at IPU.

Despite all adversity, we are making our best efforts to continue providing you with a high quality education within the context of the present limitations.