Deborah Santarpia receives DAAD Award 2022

The IPU congratulates Deborah Karen Santarpia on receiving the DAAD Award 2022. Deborah studies the English Master's in Clinical Psychology at the IPU. Originally, she is from Como, Italy. In her work in the StuFen project at the IPU, she supports refugees in pursuing higher education in Germany and more specifically, at Berlin universities. As part of the DAAD scholarship STIBET I, she taught a German beginners' course for international students. In her volunteering work, Deborah offers assistance and guidance to new students in Berlin. Beyond her involvement with the university, she has been involved in initiatives for refugees and language cafés.

The DAAD Award is endowed with 1,000€ and is awarded annually to outstanding foreign students. After the nomination, the Award is awarded to an international student who not only consistently performs very well academically, but also enriches the IPU and society as a whole with their volunteer work.

14 February 2023