"come on a trip with us and we'll show you another world!" Camp worlds as spaces of right-wing extremist communalisation and gendering.

gefördert durch die Köhler-Stiftung

Leitung IPU

PD Dr. Sebastian Winter
Prof. Dr. Dr. Phil C. Langer


Right-wing extremist ideology with its concepts of community and gender can be described as a "show" (Adorno, 1946, p. 402) supported by defence mechanisms and performed in front of itself, which is offered and appropriated as a "habitus model" (Botsch 2007, p. 6) by identifiable actors in the form of a "world of experience of right-wing extremism" (Pfeiffer, 2011). Many members of the leadership structures of different spectrums of right-wing extremism in Germany have experienced these processes of appropriation in so-called "camps" and on so-called "trips" of rightwing extremist (“völkische”) youth associations and in turn send their own children there (cf. Röpke 2007, p. 42f.).

In this research project, the significance of these "camps" and "trips" as spaces of political socialization, i.e. of an affective transmission of right-wing extremist ideology, will be examined. The focus is on the question of the psychodynamic processes of "völkische" communalisation and gendering that take place there. From an empirical-qualitative point of view, text, audio, image and video documents of selected right-wing extremist associations (such as magazines, websites, experience reports, photos) and biographical-narrative interviews with dropouts will be analyzed.

Originalsprache: Deutsch


Laura Füger
Paul Obermeyer
Niclas O’Donnokoé (IPU Berlin)


Projektbeginn: 10/2022
Projektende: 02/2024