Attachment in Children-at-risk – Applying the Child Attachment Interview in a High-risk Population

IPA Research Grant "Attachment in children-at-risk – applying the Child Attachment Interview in a high-risk population"
Project Head: T. Fischmann
Grant application (3536) approved / Funding Amount: $14,709
Short project description

Since 2016 / Project Head: Prof. Dr. Tamara Fischmann

Short project description

The aim of the study is a validation- and reliability-study of the CAI (Child Attachment Interview) in a high-risk-population and furthermore to examine and validate its comparability to the MCAST (Manchester Child Attachment Story Task; for children aged 4-7 years). Lastly, the CAI will be examined with respect to its cultural, linguistic and conceptual factors. A total number of 100 children aged 8 to 10 years who have been tested with the MCAST at age 4 will be re-tested with the CAI and validity testing will be applied.