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Student Lecture Series in the 2012 Summer Semester

The public lecture series initiated by the IPU students under the motto "On the Shoulders of the Giants" is commencing on 07.06.2012. The studies by Carl Gustav Jung, Melanie Klein, Alfred Adler and Didier Anzieu – all personalities whose work has shaped psychoanalysis up to the present day – form the core of the lecture series, in which the students examine and address the subjects of separation processes, the "skin ego" and individual psychology.

All those interested are warmly invited to attend the series. The lectures begin at 20.00 CET and are being held in the Large Lecture Hall at the IPU, Stromstraße 2, 10555 Berlin, on the third floor. Free entrance.

Overview of lecture dates

07.06.2012 - Reinhard Kruska: The Great Mother with the Good and the Bad Breast
Separation Processes from Carl Gustav Jung and Melanie Klein

21.06.2012 - Lydia Dobler: "It is not a matter of what one brings along, but what one makes of it."
The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler

05.07.2012 - Anne-Laure Metzler: Self-Injury Phenomena and Perverse Phantasmic Scenarios
The Skin Ego from Didier Anzieu