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Public Lecture Series in the 2013 Summer Semester

In the 2013 summer semester, the first round of the public lecture series which began in the 2009-10 winter semester under the title "Pathologies of the Modern Age" is due to end. The talks during this semester under the motto " Modernities – Conflicting Modern Ages" (Modernities – Konfligierende Modernen" are concerned in very different ways with the issue of the duplication of cultural perspectives and the (not only discursive) clash of various modern ages.

The public lecture series at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) Berlin is intended to be a reflection on culture from a psychoanalytical perspective with the aim of designating the IPU as a centre of discourse between psychoanalysis and the cultural, humanities and social sciences.

May we warmly invite you to join us in our exploratory efforts in this field and discuss the topics and issues that arise together with us.


18.4.2013 – Prof. Dr. Christina von Braun, Berlin        
Conflicting Modernities: Fundamentalismus und Aufklärung

30.5.2013 – Prof. Dr. Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, Kassel        
ERSTE SCHRITTE - ein Frühpräventionsprojekt für Familien mit Migrationshintergrund. Beispiel einer "aufsuchenden Psychoanalyse".

13.6.2013 – Sudhir Kakar, Goa (Indien)    
Ist Psychoanalyse auch eine spirituelle Disziplin? Psychoanalyse in Indien.

27.6.2013 – Prof. Dr. Wielant Machleidt, Hannover    
Der Zusammenprall der Kulturen im Selbst. Migrationsprozesse zwischen Konflikt und Chance.

The lectures each begin at 20.00 CET and are being held in the Large Lecture Hall at the IPU, Stromstraße 2, 10555 Berlin, on the third floor. There is an admission fee of €5. Students from Berlin's universities and third level institutes, as well as members of the IPU's Sponsors and Fundraisers Association are admitted free-of-charge.