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Public Lecture Series Commences with Professor Alt

With a talk on "Ausschließung und Inszenierung. Literarische Pornographie als Ästhetik des Abjekten" ("Exclusion and Orchestration. Literary Pornography as an Aesthetic of Abjection"), the third round of the public lecture series "Pathologies of the Modern Age" is commencing at the IPU Berlin on Thursday (15.11.2012). The public lectures series at the IPU Berlin, which is focusing on "Abjections of the Modern Age" over the winter semester, is intended to be a platform for encouraging and maintaining an interdisciplinary discourse between representatives of various academic and scientific disciplines and those attending the lectures. Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt is giving the opening lecture in the winter semester. Professor Alt is a humanities scholar specialising in "Modern German Literature" and he has been president of the Free University Berlin (FU) since June 2010.

The lecture begins at 20.00 CET and is being held in the Large Lecture Hall at the IPU, Stromstraße 2, 10555 Berlin, on the third floor. Advance registration to attend is not required. There is an admission fee of €5. Students from Berlin's universities and third level institutes, as well as members of the IPU's Sponsors and Fundraisers Association are admitted free-of-charge.

Further lectures scheduled in the series include

13.12.2012 – Prof. Dr. Winfried Menninghaus, Berlin
Transgression oder Regression? Zur Lust an Ekelhaftem in Kunst und Medien

24.01.2013 – Prof. Dr. Joachim Küchenhoff, Basel
Wegwerfen, Verwerfen, Ausstossen? Wie Abfall entsteht und wiederkehrt. Semiotische und soziopsychoanalytische Betrachtungen

14.02.2013 – Dr. Kristin Marek, Karlsruhe
Anwesende Abwesenheit. Die Sichtbarkeit der Toten zwischen Virtualität und Materialität?