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Professor Dr. Teising New President of the IPU Berlin

On 1 September 2012, Professor Dr. Martin Teising is assuming the position of President of the IPU Berlin. The psychoanalyst and specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy was Chairman of the German Psychoanalysis Association (DPV) among others and has been Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gerontopsychiatry at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main since 1994. He is succeeding the Founding President of the IPU Berlin, Professor Dr. Jürgen Körner, who is retiring from the position of President at his own request.

Martin Teising was born in 1951. The new President's professional career is characterised by a close connection between science and the practice of psychoanalysis. He initially studied human medicine and sociology at Frankfurt am Main. Having received his licence as a medical practitioner in 1978, he continued his training to become a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as in psychosomatics, and finally became a medical psychotherapist and psychoanalyst. In 1989, he was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy from Kassel University, where he had already worked as a research assistant in the 1980s under Professor H. Radebold. He was a Substitute Professor at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, before being appointed to the position of Senior Physician in the Psychoanalysis Department at the Tübingen University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy under Professor H. Henseler. He remained here until 1994, before assuming the position of Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gerontopsychiatry at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main. In addition to repeated appointments as a Substitute Professor at Kassel University, he has remained at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main until his new appointment as the IPU President.

In 2010, Professor Teising was awarded the Hans Rost Prize. The prize is intended to honour scientists as well as practical initiatives for outstanding scientific achievements in suicidology and distinguished practical solutions in the field of suicide prevention. In addition, Professor Teising has been appointed to several important positions in various psychoanalytical umbrella organisations and associations: He is currently the deputy outgoing Chairman of the German Psychoanalysis Association (DPV) and a member of the Committee on Ageing at the International Psychoanalytic Association (IPA). He was also a member of the Council of the European Federation of Psychoanalysis.

Prof. Teising is pleased to have the opportunity as President of Germany's first psychoanalytical university to make a decisive contribution to shaping and determining its future. His objectives in this respect include maintaining the study courses it currently offers, together with its broad range of research activities, and  extending them by focusing on specific areas. In order to research unconscious processes and convey new knowledge and insights to the scientific community, he relies on accessible, networked research activities utilising an intelligent combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. He regards the University Outpatient Service at the IPU Berlin, which commenced in 2011, as one of the most important instruments in this respect.