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MA Psychoanalytical Cultural Studies in Berlin

The application deadline has been extended for the coming 2013-14 winter semester. Prospective students now have until 31 August to apply to attend the Master of Arts (MA) Psychoanalytical Cultural Studies course at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU) Berlin. The MA Psychoanalytical Cultural Studies is a part-time course intended to be studied parallel to working full-time and it can also be taken by external students. The course is held on four weekends (Friday afternoon to early Saturday evening) together with one full week of lectures per semester over a total of eight semesters, leading to the Master of Arts.

What makes this course so unique is the double approach it takes: The psychoanalysis/culture interface is studied from both sides in it. On the one hand, cultural issues are an original element of psychoanalytical object formation, while on the other hand, psychoanalytical approaches are an essential element of cultural studies. The study course has been approved by Berlin's governing administration, the Berlin Senate.

The (MA) Psychoanalytical Cultural Studies course as indeed all other MA and BA study courses at the IPU are research oriented and application related. The psychology study courses provide close contact with clinical practice from the first study semester. The application deadline for these study courses also end on 31 August 2013. The IPU does not regard the secondary school (Abitur) results achieved by its applicants as a decisive criterion for a successful course of studies. For this reason it also do not apply any numerus clausus (NC) limitation. Instead, selection interviews are conducted.

Financial support is available for part-time studies thanks to the training premium

Benefit from the premium grant of up to €500 for your part-time study course – last opportunity to apply for the coming 2013-14 winter semester.

The part-time study courses at the IPU:

MA Psychology – part-time
MA Psychoanalytical Cultural Studies
MA Integrated Care of Psychotically Ill Persons

With the training premium voucher, up to €500 of your study fees can be covered in the first semester.