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Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma

Talk by Dr. Natan P. F. Kellermann on „Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma – from epigenetic mechanisms to clinical experience“

Transgenerational transmission of trauma (TTT) renders some children of survivors vulnerable to stress while others become more resilient. Both seem to remember what their parents and grandparents might have forgotten. TTT was previously assumed to be caused primarily by environmental factors, such as the parents’ child-rearing behavior. New research suggests that it may be also inherited through epigenetic mechanisms which become a kind of biological cell memory. Thus, children of Holocaust survivors appear to be marked epigenetically, in a similar way that their parents’ were marked with numbers tattooed on their forearms. After a description of epigenetic transgenerational inheritance in children of survivors, recent research findings are reviewed and clinical case anecdotes are presented to illustrate possible epigenetic parent-child scenarios.

Natan P. F. Kellermann, PhD., clinical psychologist, received his training in Psychodrama at the Moreno Institute, Beacon, New York, and Psychoanalytic Training by the Israel Psychoanalytic Society in Jerusalem. He is international trainer of psychodrama and sociodrama and an author of books and papers on a broad range of subjects. He was the chief clinical psychologist of AMCHA/Jerusalem between 1996–2000, its executive director between 2001–2004, and its project development director until the end of 2011. For more than ten years, he lectured at the International School for Holocaust Studies in Yad Vashem. He was born in Sweden, but lives in Israel with his family since 1980. He is the son of Holocaust survivors. Natan Kellerman authored the book “Holocaust Trauma – Psychological Effects and Treatment” offering a comprehensive overview of the long-term psychological effects of Holocaust trauma.

The venue takes place on Wednesday, 28 October 2015, 19.30, at the IPU Berlin, Large Lecture Hall, third floor, 10555 Berlin.

For more information on Dr. Kellerman see http://peterfelix.weebly.com