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Semesterauftakt mit Freud und Shakespeare

Ein Abend auf den Spuren zweier Wegbereiter der Psychoanalyse

Im April jährt sich Shakespeares Todestag zum vierhundertsten Mal und im Mai begehen wir Freuds 160. Geburtstag. Diese beiden Jahrestage wollen wir zum Anlass nehmen, Freuds Rekurse auf Shakespeares Werk etwas genauer zu betrachten und beiden am 26. April um 20:00 einen Abend an der International Psychoanalytic University zu widmen.

Shakespeare – the grandfather of psychoanalysis?
In recent years, the narrative of Freud as solitary hero and the father of psychoanalysis is being replaced by historical research of various sources that influenced the formulation of psychoanalytic principles. Freud tried to illustrate these principles, and to prove their power, by applying them to certain aspects of Shakespeare's plays, and was obsessed with the Poet's identity.

The lecture will be focused on what Shakespeare could reveal about psychoanalysis. A close reading of language, form and characterisation in two of Shakespeare's central tragedies may reveal that the plays are all about the discovery of one's own and other people's minds: as Hamlet is mostly about “I have that within me that passeth show”, Iago is all “think and ne'er disclose [the] mind”. As Shakespeare is everywhere in Freud – in his correspondences, papers, lectures – this presentation will investigate whether some of the roots of psychoanalysis can also be found in this influence and offer a hypothesis related to its possible trajectory.

Vortrag von Dr. Aleksandar Dimitrijevic (auf Englisch)
Einführung von Prof. Dr. Lilli Gast
Dienstag, 26. April 2016
Beginn: 20:00
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International Psychoanalytic University Berlin
Stromstr. 2, Hörsaal 1, 3. OG, 10555 Berlin